3 awesome examples of using animation to communicate during the pandemic

Louise Greaves Feb 25, 2021 7:00:06 PM

A year into the pandemic and video has become a fundamental part of life for most of us. With consumers stuck at home Internet usage is soaring and so is demand for video content, video views are up 120% during the pandemic. 

The safest way for brands to meet that demand is with animation videos. These remove any need for film crews or travel. Animation is also proven to help reduce stress, which lets face it we could all use right now. And with Forrester Research telling us that one minute of animated video is worth 1.8 million words you’re going to want to jump aboard the animation train. Let’s meet your fellow passengers, who are crushing it with animation during the pandemic….

1. Cottonelle

Remember when the pandemic first hit and everyone’s biggest concern seemed to be toilet paper? One of the world’s largest producers of the coveted tissue delivered a direct message to put people’s minds at ease. Inviting us to “stock up on generosity” instead. It’s a beautifully simple execution that powerfully delivers its message:


The brand pledged $1 million and a million rolls of toilet paper to United Way’s COVID-19 fund. With a pledge for an additional $1 for everyone who used the hashtag #ShareASquare (up to $100k).


2. Walgreens

Walgreens created the “Ask a Pharmacist” series of short, informative videos answering customer’s common questions about COVID-19. It also converted existing email creative into a simple video to explain how customers can safely access Walgreen services. This is a brilliant example of how you can repurpose assets to create an animated video. 


The Sparkol Studio can convert any of your existing assets into animated videos, from infographics to PowerPoint presentations. Get in touch to learn more.


3. Calm

And finally, a moment of zen. This gentle animation from Calm encourages you to stop scrolling and take a minute to forget your troubles and breathe….


The simplicity of the animation allows you to focus purely on your breath. Calm knows the powerful combination of breathing and animation can help alleviate stress, and it uses this effectively across all its channels. 

If you’re looking to create an animated video to help reassure your customers in these unprecedented times, the Sparkol Studio team is here to help. Drop us a line and our team of animators, script-writers and creatives will transform your idea into a jaw-dropping video. 

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