4 ways healthcare & pharma brands can benefit from animated video

Louise Greaves Apr 14, 2021 11:43:16 AM

Healthcare is more important now than ever before, you don’t really need us to explain why! Healthcare and pharmaceutical explainer videos are a powerful tool to keep the public, patients and healthcare workers informed and safe. When lives are at stake you need to ensure your message is clear and understood by as wide an audience as possible. That’s where animated videos are the king of content formats. Read on to learn why...

They’re relatable to everyone

Animated videos are relatable and non-specific. Animated characters don’t need to look like you for you to relate to them, as they’re generic by nature. Animations can also be humorous or fun without seeming inconsiderate, which considering the sensitive nature of the content is a careful line to tread, and much easier with animations than live actors.

The following example by the World Health Organization (WHO), created by Sparkol Studio, gives six tips on protecting your mental health during the pandemic. For a global organization like the WHO it’s important its content relates to everyone,  everywhere. Animation is perfect to achieve this goal.


They’re easy to digest

Animated videos are much easier to understand and consume than a thick leaflet with tiny print, as accompanies many medicines. They’re more accessible for those with limited literacy and can easily be translated into multiple languages. You can also add captions for the hard of hearing and ensure the voice-over covers all crucial elements for anyone with impaired vision.

By creating an animated version of your medicine’s instructions, you’ll improve understanding and therefore compliance. DermTech created this detailed animated instructional video to guide its patients step by step through how to use an at home testing kit. Making a process that could be daunting and complicated, easy to follow and get right.


They’re reassuring

Animated videos are proven to be calming and soothing, their nod to the nostalgia of childhood cartoons definitely plays a role here. They can easily show the inside of your body or a complex treatment and simplify it in such a way to make it seem non-threatening and easy to understand. Animations can be used to allay common fears and worries surrounding a treatment or procedure, much easier than written text could.

This example from the Australian Department of Health effectively uses an animated video to show the approval process COVID-19 vaccines are required to go through. Helping to alleviate the public’s fears around taking the medication.


They’re shareable

Video is one of the most widely shared types of content. If you have a message you want the world to see, animated video is the perfect choice. Patients, healthcare professionals, consumers, your social media followers and more can watch, consume and share your message. This example created by Sparkol Studio, tells you six things you didn’t know about the pharma industry. If you enjoy it, you can always give it a share 😊


There we have it - just some ways of the ways animated videos can benefit healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. They really are an incredibly versatile format.

If you’d like an animated video for your company, contact the Sparkol Studio today. Our team of animators, script-writers and creatives will transform your idea into a jaw-dropping video.

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