Using animation in local government: 5 stand-out examples

Louise Greaves Apr 29, 2021 1:39:35 PM

Local governments need to communicate a vast array of information to a diverse population. It’s crucial this information is easily understood and remembered by everyone in their community, no matter their age, literacy levels or language spoken. Animated videos are the perfect way to achieve this. They’re visually appealing, entertaining and easy to digest. They’re also perfectly COVID safe, no busy film shoots required!

Below we’ve selected a few of our favorite local government animations that showcase just how versatile video is.

1. Hammersmith & Fulham Council: plans for Hammersmith Bridge

This example from Hammersmith and Fulham Council in London takes what could be a dry topic of bridge safety and repairs and brings it to life with animation. The result is a more appealing and entertaining video that delivers its message succinctly to inform the local community of current restrictions and progress.


This video was created by Sparkol Studio, get in touch with our team now to discuss how animation can bring your story to life. 

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2. New Zealand Government: National Science Challenges request for bids

New Zealand’s Science for Technological Innovation (SfTI) National Science Challenge is a 10 year scheme tasked with growing the New Zealand economy by investing in science and engineering programs and research. The following animated video was used to drive awareness of the program, invite proposals and provide tips on securing funding. The whiteboard animation style is a perfect fit for the topic at hand and the simple aesthetic allows the message to be clearly understood.


This video was also created by Sparkol Studio, working with the New Zealand Government to animate their ideas.

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3. Leeds City Council: have your say on the city’s transport

This colorful animation from Leeds City Council invites residents to join the conversation about the future of the city’s transport network. The animated video is a great way to appeal to a broad audience and motivate the public to get involved. The eye-catching colors and simple movement are effective at grabbing attention and keeping it. 


4. City of Kwinana: how does your local government work

The City of Kwinana in Western Australia created this animated video to educate its residents on how local government actually works. The attractive and informative video breaks down the complex system of government into easy to digest chunks. This is yet another example of how animation can transform a boring topic into an entertaining one.


5. Preston, South Ribble & Lancashire City Deal

Three local councils in central Lancashire in the UK joined together in a deal to transform the area, improve travel times, create new jobs and build homes. To mark this historic deal and highlight how it’ll benefit the local community they created the following animated video. The shareable and engaging format allowed the message to spread easily amongst the population and build support.


Those were just a handful of examples of how animated videos can be used by local governments to tell their stories in engaging and entertaining ways. To see how the Sparkol Studio team of script-writers, animators and illustrators can transform your message into a beautiful and effective animation drop us a line now.

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