Top 10 animated video studios in Bristol, UK

Naomi Linford Apr 9, 2021 11:00:02 AM

So you're looking for a local animation partner to work on a video with you, but you're not sure which agency would best suit your needs. 

We have the answers! As a Bristol-based Studio ourselves, we know there's a whole lot of talent in this city and each animator has their own area of expertise.

To help find the right video partner for you, we're sharing a list of the top 10 Bristol-based animation studios - let's take a look...

1. Sparkol Studio

Speciality: 2D, 3D and whiteboard animation


Sparkol Studio are experts at turning stories into jaw-dropping animations. Our experienced animators, script-writers and designers mold your message into a video that makes people go WOW.

We're also the creators of world leading whiteboard animation maker, VideoScribe, so we really know what it takes to create a stand out video. We use that extensive experience to help businesses around the world share their incredible stories, from multinational corporations like AMEX, to the Swedish flat-pack legends, IKEA.

Watch our showreel above to see what we could create for you! If you like what you see, drop us a message to talk about your ideas 👇

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2. Aardman Animation

Speciality: stop-motion animation

Without a doubt, the Aardman team are the most famous animators in Bristol - and rightly so! They're known for their incredible stop-motion clay animation techniques as seen in Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run. 

From feature-length films to apps and interactive games, Aardman Animation have done it all. If you're looking for an experienced animation partner to test creative new techniques, look no further than Aardman. 

3. Sun and Moon Studios

Speciality: character development

Sun and Moon's incredible animated characters speak for themselves. From playful and cheeky to emotive and thought-provoking, this studio takes creativity to the next level. 

If you're ready to invent a whole new world with a team of brand characters then Sun and Moon will be your perfect animation partner. 

4. Skylark Media

Speciality: motion graphics

Skylark's extensive experience is in helping brands and marketers tell their story with fun and engaging videos and motion graphics. 

Motion graphics take graphic design that would be otherwise static and give it animation and movement, either with or without a specific narrative. Their simple but quirky designs capture attention to guide your audience into the next point, piece of information or step.

5. Wonky Films

Speciality: stop-motion animation

Working with a huge range of creatives, Wonky Films can not only support with animation but also design, illustration and more. 

But it's their character creation and stop-motion animation that really sets them apart. If you're looking to create something completely unique then look no further than Wonky Films. 

6. Hurricane Media

Speciality: 3D motion graphics and animation

Alongside their live action video services, Hurricane Media also has a talented animation studio creating slick motion graphics that use mixed media or 3D animation.

Their experienced team also offer end-to-end video campaign management and reporting for marketers looking for a helping hand.

7. BeanBox

Speciality: 3D product visualization

From archeological reconstructions to showing off the intricacies of your product or process, the team at BeanBox are experts when it comes to 3D visualizations. 

If you want to shine a light on all the unique, innovative or stand-out features of your product or service, BeanBox are the studio for you. 

8. Shy Guys Studios

Speciality: 2D and 3D animation

From animated explainer videos to graphics for film and TV - the Shy Guys can help you tell your story in a range of styles. Some of their most famous work has been animation and illustration for David Attenborough's TV documentaries. 

We think that says it all #MicDrop 🎤

9. Chopsy Animation

Speciality: stop-motion animation

After starting his animation career with Aardman, Chopsy founder Darren Robbie went on to build his own studio focused on his passion for stop-motion animated films and commercials. 

Chopsy's incredible character sculpting is well worth checking out!

10. Fable Studios

Speciality: 2D and 3D animation

Fable Studios is multi-talented, one part animation studio and one part video production agency. So if you think you might want to create a mixed media or complementary live-action video, Fable could be a good choice. 

That's a wrap - those were our top 10 animation studios in Bristol, UK. If you've got an idea for an animation but you're not sure how to bring it to life, we're here to help.

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