Tell us a story this World Book Day

Emily Bartlett Mar 1, 2021 2:17:00 PM

People might have switched from paper to tablets for a lot of things, but the joy of reading is still strong, as shown by the world's love for World Book Day on March 1st each year!

If written well, a good story stays with a reader long after they’ve finished the final chapter.

Many of the biggest grossing films of recent years have been based on best-selling books and the power authors have to conjure up vivid worlds with the right words is phenomenal. The enormous followings of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings demonstrate that a book can have an effect on so many people, regardless of their age or where they’re from.

Just like with debates about the best film or TV show, people continue to discuss the classics and their new favourites, lending books to friends in the hope it’ll evoke the same feelings of excitement for them.


Children are big readers, reading their favourites again and again (and again!), wanting to be their favourite characters and imagining they are part of the story themselves. It’s a great way for them to learn whilst they play and it’s great when children want to start reading and writing their own stories!

And when they are a little older, books help them understand themselves, give them an escape from reality and guide them through difficult experiences. Discovering classics could spark an interest in Victorian London or the Jazz Age or medieval battles! There is always something new to learn from a book.

World Book Day celebrates reading and we’d like our users to share with us their favourite book, create a scribe of a character they’d most like to be or lists of their top five recommendations! Use VideoScribe to make books come to life and tell your story!

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