Raising environmental awareness with animation

Naomi Linford Oct 29, 2021 2:07:01 PM

COP26 has officially started, one of the most significant events for humanity. During the next two weeks leaders and scientists from around the world will be working to tackle climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

While we all know climate change is a very real threat that we have to take action on now, we might not know the true extent of the problem. Developing a full understanding of how greenhouse gases change our world and how we can reduce them is key to stopping climate change. 

But how do you explain a scientific problem with various complexities in ways everyone can understand? That's where animation can help. We're so proud to have supported lots of people and organizations to raising awareness of the issues facing them and how they can be overcome. 

Read on to discover a selection of our favorite projects 👇

Canary Medical's forest restoration project


All businesses have an impact on the environment, whether it's the raw materials they use, their energy consumption or just having lots of employees travelling into their office. The key is to recognize your impact and work to reduce and offset it. 

That's exactly what Canary Medical have done. They've developed a large-scale reforestation project that will continue to provide benefits for decades to come. We loved working with the Canary Medical team to tell their story and explain the journey they took to reach this point in the hopes of inspiring others. 


We Are With Earth's black carbon education in Portland, Oregon 


Now it's not just businesses who need to be mindful of their impact. As individuals we're all responsible for creating greenhouse gases and harmful emissions through the way we travel, heat our homes and the food we eat. 

So when the We Are With Earth team approached us about helping them explain the dangers of black carbon in their community, we couldn't have been happier to get involved. Through this quick animated explainer we could break down exactly what the risks are and how together we can tackle black carbon. 

Sparkol's climate change facts explainer


We also created our own animated explainer to share five facts important facts about climate change that lots of people probably don't know. The bold and bright animation style attracts attention and makes digesting the information a lot easier.  


If you'd like help telling your sustainability story or raising awareness of environmental issues affecting your community, get in touch 👇

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