Q&A With Practical Psychology YouTuber Theodore

Andy Rodriguez Oct 7, 2020 2:21:00 PM

With 1.4 million subscribers, it’s fair to say Youtuber Theodore, creator of Practical Psychology channel, is VideoScribe savvy. We had a chat with him recently about his success and his thoughts on our whiteboard video software.

Q. What do you like most about the application?
A. VideoScribe allows me to create high-quality videos without learning a difficult software, spending an outrageous budget, or wasting hundreds of hours. 

Q. Do you use many other applications alongside VideoScribe to create your videos?
A. I sometimes use Adobe Premiere to edit other clips (like .Gifs or .AVIs) into the video, but only for important videos.

Q. Can you run us through the process you take from having an idea for a video to completing it? I.e what actions do you take to get started on your video?

  1. Check out viral videos

  2. Ask your customers what they want

  3. Think of a great video idea

  4. Write the script

  5. Record the narration

  6. Edit the narration

  7. Animate it

  8. Monetize your videos

Q. Roughly how long does it take you to complete a VideoScribe project from start to end?
A. When I started, it took me about an hour to create one minute of animation. Now I can animate one minute in about 30-45 minutes. So an 8 minute video takes about 4-6 hours.

Q. What 3 pieces of advice would you give to new users of VideoScribe?

  1. Watch the tutorials to learn faster (learning by doing takes much longer and you might miss some cool tools!). 

  2. Start small and slow, nobody creates a masterpiece on their first try. Animating is a skill, just like playing the piano or fixing a car. 

  3. And lastly, if you're using it to start a Youtube channel, make sure you find a way to stand out and stay persistent. So many creators will copy someone else's design to a T because they think it will work, or give up within their first 3-5 videos. If you can find your own niche, and get past 10 videos - success awaits you! 



See more of Theodore’s work on his Practical Psychology blog.

You can watch all the VideoScribe tutorials on our help site. Feel free to ask us any questions too via Twitter and Facebook!