Our Studio Magic Formula: the process of creating a custom animated video

Louise Greaves Jun 24, 2021 4:55:31 PM

Sparkol Studio is our animated video production agency. We custom create any type of animated video you desire, whether it’s an explainer video, promo video, case study, advert or anything else, we’ve got you covered.

We create fun and engaging videos that deliver your message effectively. That's because our magic formula for creating these videos never fails. Let’s dive into the process now 👇

1. Planning

First up is the planning phase. We agree on the objectives, timeframes and requirements for the project. During this process we get to know you and your business so we can recommend the most appropriate tone of voice, image and animation styling and the right technical specification. 

To get an idea of the questions we'll be asking, check out our guide to creating a video brief

2. Scripting

Next, we work together to draft the perfect script. We work hard to ensure the script reflects your tone of voice and personality while delivering your core messages. Our team of scriptwriters can work from an existing draft you’ve created or craft the perfect script from scratch. If you need a video in multiple languages, we can source translations too. 

3. Storyboarding

Storyboarding comes next. This is where you’ll start to see the magic come to life. Our team will suggest a creative direction and style. They’ll illustrate any custom assets required and plan out how the animation and script beautifully weave together. 

It's at this point you'll also decide on your final animation style. Will you pick 2D or 3D animation, a whiteboard style or mixed media? Check out our examples below to get a flavor of how Fred the fish changes with each style 👇🐟

           6Fish_White ezgif.com-gif-maker - 2021-07-06T093900.870

ezgif.com-gif-maker - 2021-07-06T093739.781.      6Fish_Video

4. Production

And finally we’ll pull all the pieces together. Every custom illustration will be seamlessly animated. We’ll add sound effects, a voice-over and music. All combining to create a magical animated video. 

Sparkol Studio can create any custom animation to suit your style. Whether that’s 2D or 3D animation or even whiteboard animation. Check out some of our recent work below:


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