How to turn an infographic into a video

Emily Bartlett Feb 1, 2022 2:01:24 PM

Ever created a great piece of content but wondered if you could do more with it? We're seeing a trend for turning infographics into stunning scribe videos. Here's how you can too.

The fascinating video below was made with VideoScribe by the Smith Business School at the University of Maryland.

What's interesting about 'Where Money Comes From' is that the idea has also been explained with an infographic.



Recycle your content as whiteboard video

Turning an infographic into a video is something that Scribey award winner David Barneda knows all about.

When we asked where the idea for his How to Throw a Boomerang explainer video came from, he said:

I'd done an infographic poster on how to throw a boomerang and I thought it would make for a good video.

We're excited that you're using VideoScribe this way - because it's how we use it too.

3 tips for turning images into animations

Our illustrator Kate made a brilliant infographic to explain why whiteboard animation is great for marketing. And then she turned it into this stunning scribe:

We asked Kate how a pro turns a series of drawings into a animation. Here's what she said:

  1. How could you surprise your audience? With humour? Puns? Visual metaphors can be more interesting than a literal representation of the script.

  2. How will you string the images together? Try arrows or wiggly lines. This keeps the viewer's eye on where you're going next.

  3. Finally, a bit of awesomeness. Could you zoom out to show that your images actually form one larger picture? All you need is a little planning. Do a quick sketch before you make your video, and keep referring to it as you go.

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