How to pitch an idea with video

Emily Bartlett Feb 2, 2022 3:19:10 PM

Got a high-flying business idea? Great. But if you need investment to get it off the ground, you'll need a winning pitch. Here's how you make an awesome 30 second pitch video.

Make three versions of your pitch

Bestselling author and speaker Scott Berkun says you should create 3 versions of your pitch:

  • 5 seconds - in one short sentence, what do you want to do?
  • 30 seconds - what 2 essential things make your idea work in reality?
  • 5 minutes - the money and resources needed to achieve your aim

Vine proves that 6 second videos can say a lot. Katy Perry's face-branding toaster idea seems clear enough.

But let's assume investors want a bit more detail. 5 minutes is a long time in video years, but 30 seconds is right in the sweet spot...

What to include in a 30 second pitch

Crowdfunding website Crowdcube recommends the tried and tested AIDA sales approach for your video:

A) Attention

The 1-sentence version of your pitch is a strong first impression. Make it simple and clear. If your idea is a product, show it. Time: 5 seconds.

I) Interest

Investors are interested in: your market, your USP, the problem you solve, how you solve it, and who you solve it for. Time: 10 seconds.

D) Desire

Show what's in it for them. The essentials: how much you want them to invest, what their return will be, and when they'll get it. Time: 10 seconds.

A) Action

They're interested. Now what? Close your video by pointing to the next step - your website, your email, or your phone number. Time: 5 seconds.

Get their attention first - explain later

A 30 second video is about grabbing the investor's attention so you get the chance to make your 5 minute pitch.

So keep your video simple and focused. A final thought from Crowdcube:

People judge others and their ideas quickly. Really, really quickly. The research we've seen varies, but none of the figures go beyond 30 seconds. So given the video is often the first thing people look at, getting it right is critical.

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