How to drive more holiday sales with video: Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Naomi Linford Oct 14, 2021 4:23:37 PM

Whether your business sells socks or technology, the upcoming holiday sales period is an unmissable opportunity to supercharge your revenue. 

With big brands like Amazon and Ebay leading the way, consumers are primed to spend over Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Research shows shoppers have grown significantly from 174.6 million in 2017 to 189.6 million in 2019 and for the first time, the number of online Black Friday shoppers reached the 100 million mark. 

You don't want to miss out on that action and video can help you reach your full potential. Here are our five tips for capitalizing on this sales period with video 👇

1. Attract attention in a crowd

The biggest challenge businesses have is often just getting heard. In a crowded space like social media or email marketing, rising above the noise can be seriously tough. 

This is the first area video can really help with. Unlike images or text alone, video stimulates multiple senses with music, voice-overs, visuals and movement which is much more eye-catching. As you've got so many different elements to play with you can also create much more impactful experiences such as videos that shock, amaze or even make people smile. Within the first couple of seconds you can really make people stop in their tracks. Check out our example 👀


Once you've got viewers hooked, that's really the hardest part done. From here, video again takes the strain and helps keep your audience engaged. That brings us onto our second tip... 👇

2. Persuade with a script that gets to the heart 

We all know that to be persuasive you have to tap into things your target audience care about. It could be a problem they're having at work, how to ensure their kids do well at school or maybe just how to cook dinner faster. 

The key is to identify exactly what problem or ambition your audience has so you can build your script around it. With this insight you'll be able to show you understand your audience and explain exactly how you'll help them. Which means by the time they finish watching your video, they'll be primed to make a purchase. 

3. Use animation to surprise and delight

As your video plays on, it can also continue to level up the wow-factor. With creative movement, imaginative characters and whole new worlds, animation can bring any idea to life - however out there! 

We love this example from our Sparkol Studio team who created this animation with the World Health Organization 👇


Don't underestimate the power of novelty in capturing the attention of your audience and animation gives you ultimate freedom to get seriously creative. So let your ideas run wild!

4. Encourage sharing to amplify your content

Once you've convinced one viewer that you're the right organization for them, video can help you go one step further - sharing your content with others! 

This is the pinnacle of success and it means your customers are actually doing our job for you. But for this to happen your video really has to strike the right cord and provide helpful or entertaining content for others. Our climate change facts animation is a good example of this 👇 


5. Boost brand recall

Lastly, by incorporating your brand colors, imagery, jingles and more into your animation you're also reinforcing your brand. This is key because even if someone isn't ready to buy your product or service right then, the next time they're considering making a purchase, they'll think of you.

Staying front of mind is half of the battle when it comes to boosting your sales. Let video help ensure your brand gets remembered!

There we have it - our top five tips for killing the holiday season with video. If you'd like a little help bringing your vision to life this year then drop our Sparkol Studio team a message, they'll be happy to help 👇

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