Client story: How Canary Medical explain healthcare innovations with animation

Naomi Linford May 10, 2021 11:29:08 AM

If medical devices could talk, what would they say? That's the question one pioneering medical data company are answering. 

Their solution is simple and highly effective - but communicating it to lots of different stakeholders isn't always so straightforward. Which is why Canary Medical turned to Sparkol Studio to help share the power of their technology in ways that can easily be understood by all - with animation.

Read on to learn how we brought the Canary Medical story to life 👇

The background

Canary Medical is a medical data company improving healthcare outcomes by giving medical devices a voice and letting medical data be heard.

It was conceived and created by a team of surgeons, medical device developers, and IoT experts with the vision that healthcare transformation requires better and cheaper healthcare data with an understanding that better monitoring and better data will produce better outcomes at lower costs.CanaryMaster_210225_1

Canary’s story – a little bird, a lot to tell

We live in an era where everything is connected to the internet, your car knows when your brake pads are worn out, where it is and what it's doing, yet every day billions of dollars worth of medical devices are put into patients and whether it's a knee replacement or (in the not too distant future) cardiovascular implants, these devices currently don't provide any feedback to the patient or surgeon.


Canary Medical’s sensor technology is a game-changer and the company wanted to clearly communicate not only their value proposition, but how they'll ensure patient compliance and physiological monitoring, as well as the revenue streams they expect to create. 

The audience for their story includes doctors, hospitals, insurers and patients. As each of these stakeholders have different focuses and concerns, it was crucial to connect with each using the right tone of voice and information. Here's how we did it...

Bringing the Canary Medical story to life

The first video was aimed at surgeons. Canary wanted to show them (focusing on visuals over words) why Canary makes their lives better. Effectively, how it allows them to deliver better outcomes to their patients more efficiently.


When talking to patients, Canary wanted to explain how the device worked to deliver better patient outcomes, and a quicker recovery. “We needed to explain to patients how the smart knee replacement is unique among artificial knee joints, because it’s the first and only one that can help the patient, and the surgeon, know how the patient is progressing, making possible a new level of confidence, convenience and care.”

The Studio worked to develop a style that would help Canary’s audience visualize some of the more complicated, technical aspects of their product while allowing them to show the features, benefits and advantages while using a ‘friendly’ and engaging tone of voice.

“The Sparkol team had created videos for other healthcare companies and had a great understanding of what we were trying to achieve. They spent a lot of time with us developing the videos as we had multiple stakeholders to satisfy as well as legal compliance. We had very specific requirements and the team went above and beyond to accommodate our direction.”


The finished animation

The videos Sparkol Studio created for Canary Medical have been used at conferences, on the company website and shared with business partners, investors and the medical community.

All working to show the power of Canary's technology to improve the outcomes of medical devices for patients and surgeons! 

LapTopBig thank you to the team at Canary Medical for sharing your story with us - we loved working on this project and helping you shout about these incredible innovations!

If like Canary you've got a story to tell or a message to share and you're not sure how to bring it to life, we're here to help. Drop us a message to discuss your ideas 👇

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