Be remembered: 4 ways to end your presentation epically

Emily Bartlett Feb 1, 2022 1:58:10 PM

Good storytellers relish their endings. They use their last words as an opportunity to make a deeper connection, inspire action, and leave an unforgettable impression. They realize that while it may be the ending of their presentation, it is just the beginning of their idea being actualize, their solution being applied, their vision being seen. Mic drop.

But, a lot of the time, endings can be a downer – particularly in the boardroom. People can be giving a brilliant presentation, but at the end, they suddenly run out of steam. They freeze up and sputter out their talking points. And all the good they’ve accomplished, is lost. It’s what I call a tragic end.

Don’t let this be you. Use your ending to make your voice be heard one last time. Go beyond the business standard of providing a summary and reinforcing your key message, and add a little drama to end powerfully and achieve your ultimate purpose.

Here are 4 epic endings that can infuse the final words of your business presentation with a bit of style, energy, and intrigue. 

1. Fable ending 

A fable shares a profound life lesson at the end. One that can be summed up in a punchy, yet instructional aphorism. Acknowledge the new perspective your audience has acquired from your presentation with a single powerful message. A simple shortcut to achieve this type of ending is to borrow a famous quote that illustrates the key meaning of your presentation.  

2. Fairy tale ending

Despite any cynicism, the idea of ‘happily ever after’ is still a powerful motivator. We all want to believe in a better future. One where the problems we are facing are solved and our lives have improved. By helping your audience visualize the positive outcomes of your proposed ideas, you can inspire optimism. Not only can this technique support you in gaining approval, but it can also drive advocacy. 

3. Action Ending

One of the most effective ways to end your presentation is with a call to action. By empowering your audience with clear instructions on how to activate your message, you transform them from observers to participators. Amplify your call to action by making it a challenge. One that will require your audience to get off the sidelines and get involved.  

4. Cliffhanger Ending

Cliffhangers employ an element of suspense to keep your audience engaged to the very end. By holding something back, asking a provocative question, or showing a glimpse of something new, you create intrigue and achieve impact that lasts after you leave the stage or shut your laptop. This does not this mean that your presentation is left unfinished. Rather, its about opening new possibilities that pique curiosity, stimulate thought, and ignite conversations. 

This completes our series, Let Your Voice Be Heard: Storytelling for Business. We hope the ideas shared in this series has given you the boost of confidence you needed to start incorporating storytelling in your business presentations. 

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Aimee Rivers is the founder of Plumage, a communications consultancy that helps creative companies tell their stories in an authentic way that thrills their clients and supports their business goals. Originally from Los Angeles, she is now based in the UK.