7 ways financial services can benefit from animated video in 2022

Lisa Jackson Mar 17, 2022 3:27:14 PM

We all know video is a valuable marketing tool that captures attention like no other. It educates, informs and entertains. Which is why financial services businesses are turning to video, particularly animated video, to help engage their audiences and get their message across. 

From insurance and banking to investment and accounting, let's look at the ways animation could boost your business...

1. Tell your company story with animation

Animation can breathe new life into your company values and objectives helping stakeholders better understand your vision. This is crucial for effective recruitment, employee retention and in many cases, attracting the right customers and investors.

Carefully chosen background music and voice-overs add a layer of personality that can be difficult to articulate through static imagery, color and copy. If you want your brand to be noticed, animation is the way to go!


2. Supercharge product and service launches with video

A fantastic way to showcase your new products and services is with a launch animation. In just 60 seconds your animation can highlight the features and benefits of your offering and what it means for your clients. 

Whether it's a 3D animation of your latest home insurance package or representation of investment opportunities, video helps you spread the word.  


3. Attract fresh investment with a persuasive animation

The most incredible power of animation is that it can visualize things that don’t even exist. Which is why so many start up businesses use animation to showcase their ideas and development plans in their search for investment. Without concrete services, premises or staff, an animation can help you paint a picture of what the future looks like and where investment will be spent. 

4. Develop skills with training videos

Training videos are invaluable for any company, be it for internal teams working remotely, or to educate customers on how to use your products and services. Including 'how to' videos on your website can help clients find answers to their questions more quickly and easily (without needing to contact you!). 

When it comes to up-skilling your colleagues, video is an excellent way to support learners of all styles and ensure trainees can move at their own pace. With the option to rewind, pause and repeat, video is the ultimate flexible learning tool.


5. Explain processes clearly and easily with animation

Again, explainer videos can benefit internal and external audiences. Maybe you're introducing a new finance system for employees or perhaps you're changing your account management processes for customers. Either way, you want to explain the key changes clearly and concisely with lots of examples along the way. 

With video, you can walk viewers through the new process with on screen examples, a helpful voice-over and annotations to ensure getting to grips with the new process is fool-proof. 


6. Communicate effectively with animated video

From company celebrations and new starter introductions, to CEO updates and implementation of new processes - video does what emails can't. In seconds, you can convey the key updates teams need to be aware of, without having to skim a lengthy written email. Plus, you can share your video in so many ways - on office TVs, via email, on your company intranet and more.  

Creating video or animated content ensures messages are delivered consistently across an entire workforce, all at the same time, and can help build company culture and inclusivity.


7. Use animation to generate leads at trade shows

Depending on your objectives, trade show content can help boost brand awareness or engage industry experts. As video is such a flexible tool it can delve into the detail or provide a high level overview. Bringing a sense of movement to a stand which can help grab peoples' attention as they pass by, giving your teams even more chances to strike conversations and generate leads. 

In a sea of stands, yours will stand out for all the right reasons! 

So, how can you create your own animated videos to capitalize on these opportunities? With lots of animated video tools like VideoScribe, creating your own videos has never been easier.

But if you're wanting a little more help, Sparkol Studio has worked with lots of financial services businesses to create their own custom animations. Get in contact today to discuss your ideas 👇

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