5 Reasons to use whiteboard animation videos instead of PowerPoint

Andy Rodriguez Feb 1, 2022 1:56:22 PM

PowerPoint has been popular for a long, long time. Too long we would argue…

How do you stop people sitting through dull presentations, copying down content word for word, slide for slide?

Students in a recent study said they either “always,” or “almost always” copy information from PowerPoint.

Why are we happy with passivity rather than lively interaction and debate?

As well as being too text heavy, PowerPoint oversimplifies complex ideas down to a handful of bullet points that rarely link to one another. How is this helping anyone?

Whiteboard animations on the other hand are incredibly more engaging than PowerPoint and can increase learning by 15%. They cleverly combine spoken word, visual animations and sounds to create memorable presentations that deliver impressively high engagement.


1) Position Your Brand as The Leader

  • Get your message across to a time-poor audience in a unique way

  • Better explain complex subjects and ideas to customers, employees and students

  • Be innovative and use medium that’s perfect for viral marketing

2) Dramatically Improve Learning and Message Retention

  • Take advantage of how our brains digest information and be remembered

  • Cut through the constant marketing and media content we all face daily

  • Stop people thinking ‘are they trying to sell me something?’ by imparting your message in a way that’s truly listened to

 “4X as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it” - hubspot.com

3) Increase Social Media Impact

  • More platforms, more views, more customers

  • Create inherently social content that people can’t help but share

  • Increase targeted traffic to your website with powerful content

4) Make Marketing Fun and Interesting Again

  • With the right script, whiteboard animations present difficult or awkward concepts far better than PowerPoint

  • Give your brand a personality that the viewer can relate to

  • Evoke emotion from the viewer and capture the sale

“Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users” - hubspot.com

5) Empower Your Sales Team

  • Break through subconscious barriers to sell more

  • Turn browsers into buyers by engaging visitors with visual storytelling

  • Deliver a great story that showcases the benefits your service or product offers

Next time you have something to share, ditch the stuffy old slide deck. Get VideoScribe and really stand out.