4 killer examples of brand storytelling

Ashden Walker Dec 15, 2021 9:00:48 AM

Brand storytelling is a term that's increasing in popularity within the marketing world. To save you the effort of Googling it, brand storytelling is using narrative to build a connection between your brand and your customers, with a strong focus on linking what you stand for and your values. 

Think of it like this: in front of you is the recipe for a pumpkin pie. You have an ingredients list (what you stand for) and the method/steps to make your pie (your values). Putting the two together (AKA baking your pie) is the magic of brand storytelling. It’s harmonious, warming and if done right, oh so wholesome. In this blog post, we’re diving into 4 killer examples of brand storytelling that you may or may not have even realized!



Mission: Airbnb's mission is to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere

One of the most recognizable brands in the modern era, Airbnb is one of the best examples of brand storytelling. Whether they’re promoting their unique stays around the world, or their range of individual experiences, Airbnb has embraced brand storytelling wholeheartedly. 

For us, one of the best ways they did this was with their “Until We All Belong” campaign in 2017. This campaign was in support of marriage equality in Australia. Airbnb created their very own piece for the campaign - the Acceptance Ring - which was so highly sought after that they had to limit them to two per person! A tangible item was created from an intangible business - an item all about belonging… just like in their mission statement. Well done Airbnb, well done.




Mission: Deliveroo's mission to bring customers a whole world of restaurant-quality food

Deliveroo is one of the leading food delivery companies, with a range of riders across the world delivering restaurant meals through to toilet paper top-ups! And they’ve joined our list of companies killing it with the brand storytelling. In 2021, they released a series of videos that made an ingredient the hero. 

One of the most playful videos of this series was their ‘garlic’ hero. In the video, garlic is the saviour to our tongues, and though the voice-over never directly references the restaurants, we watch as garlic is added to iconic dishes from popular restaurants - KFC, Five Guys, Wagamamas - in such a clever way that a) creates hunger, and b) supports their mission of getting restaurant-quality food out there to customers. 




Mission: Create your own professional web presence—exactly the way you want

If you’ve ever tried to create a website or start a blog, you probably came across Wix one way or another. They’re an easy-to-use, no-experience-needed website management tool that empowers anyone to create a professional website. Their mission statement says it all - and they’ve embraced this with their series of videos online and on TV. In these videos, Wix shows someone with a problem: they need a website, but don’t have the technical expertise or resources to outsource it.

Using live footage of the main character creating a website, and making the changes they want, the perfectly showcases just how easy it is for anyone to create professional websites in a couple of clicks. In these videos, they’ve successfully sold the benefits of their products while aligning to a brand story. 




Mission: To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world. *If you have a body, you are an athlete

Get ready to be inspired... Nike is a brand that’s been around for a long time, and their storytelling capabilities have reached all corners of the globe. One of the easiest things to do in today's day and age is walk down the street and spot someone wearing Nike: maybe trainers, a backpack, a shirt - you name it. They create high-quality gear for everyone, and just like their mission says, they truly do inspire.

The example we are showcasing today is skewed towards females. ‘Dream Crazier’ shows all the incredible examples of influential, professional athletes conquering their individual challenges - whether that’s competing in a sporting match, coaching, or skating in a skate park. It’s powerful. It uses emotive language, but at the end of the video, it truly links back to their mission. Brands, take notes. This is how brand storytelling is done.


We're all moving in a fast-paced way, with our phones constantly by our sides, our eyes glued to computer screens, and attention spans that are shrinking. By sharing our message through storytelling, our customers will be more likely to remember what we have to say, and how we align to their individual values.

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